Tuesday, June 9, 2009

De L'obscurite

De L’obscurité


Of darkness we were taught to fear,

To close our eyes and shed some tears,

But now after all these years,

With darkness I’ve fallen in love.


With the sun the harshest light,

It burns my skin and lessens my sight,

Do not argue; you know this is right,

Darkness, me it moves.


Soft is the air, when the cool darkness surrounds,

Listen, it makes the most beautiful sounds,

When silence is all around,

Nyx, the best gift of a merciful Jove.


Stick my head in the sand if it is peaceful there,

Close my eyes to the world if I’ll have not a care,

Shut my ears to the sound if all they do is swear,

With darkness I’ve fallen in love.

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